WTF Is Clarity?

Clarity is such a buzzword in the entrepreneurial world.⁠ You see it all the time, right?⁠ “Get clarity”⁠ “You need clarity.”⁠ “Your business will grow when you have clarity.”⁠ Here’s the thing, very few people actually have it, even when they think they do.⁠ You’ll recognize those that truly have clarity because their business grows […]

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You may be wondering why in the world someone would want to have a business running Facebook ads for others. I mean, Facebook ads of all things. I get asked this a lot because people are generally super frustrated with paid advertising and don’t understand how I choose to work in the industry.  I get […]

Thinking About Firing Your Facebook Ads Expert? Read This…

All Things Facebook Ads

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I’ve always loved adventure and the lessons I’ve learned during life’s adventures have served me well as an entrepreneur. One such adventure occurred while I was at a studying abroad in Fiji.  During orientation week, some classmates and I went to Natadola beach to explore. It is a really beautiful beach and I felt exhilarated […]

A Big Fear & A Bloody Face

Business + Adventure

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